Welcome to the showcase website of Hocus Bogus Publishing, a self publishing/distribution project initiated in 2015 by visual artist and zine creator Dennis Muñoz Espadiña. HBP is a merry mix of  DIY Punk attitude and fine art aesthetics. Publications range from black and white zines; underground comix, to pamphlets and posters and micro artist editions. HBP aims to be a platform for showcasing and distributing the strange and wonderful aspects of printed matter.

To order online sent a message through the CONTACT form on the website. Specify in your message which publication(s) you would want to buy. Prices include VAT, shipping costs range from 4 to 10 euro.

Publications from HBP can also be at these physical locations:
+    Boekie Woekie , Amsterdam
+    Blitz Books , Eindhoven
+    KIOSK, Rotterdam
+    Commentarivm, Izmir 

You can also find us on Instagram @HBPublishing

Abcracadabra and happy viewing!

You can order publications on this site by using the contact form on the top of this page ︎ Please sent your desired purchases and postal address ︎ Shipping and payment details will be sent to you !︎