Sticks and Stones   

Dennis Muñoz Espadiña

30 Euro

These black and white abstract visual score cards are a playfull allusion to Rorschach testing cards aswell as (black) metal logos.
The images were part of a larger project in which Muñoz Espadiña had two vocal performers explore their voices in the Saint Jakob church in Winterswijk (NL).

Starting point for each session were folded images he  created from scans in the forest surrounding the town. By asking the performers to unfold the pieces of paper, thus changing its subjectively encoded meaning, the images could be used as subconscious storyboards for their vocal improvisations.

Stapled with lasercut cover
20 pages 170x240mm
Riso printed on EOS 120 gr paper, different types of heavy stock cover paper.
Edition of 25

Agency and Machine    

Gill Baldwin and Roodkapje

14,95 Euro

Roodkapje’s Agency & Machine publication, the result of the joined Hamburger Community program Agency & Machine, centred around the practice and work of Hamburger Community artist Gill Baldwin. The printed publication is accompanied by a cassette tape that contains two new electronic compositions by musicians Daanie van den IJssel & Tommy van Leuken, and bundles the experiences of participating residents, artists, musicians and researchers during the events of Agency & Machine.


Including cassette tape

Les Diplomates

Nicolas Chuard

20 Euro

84 pages 170x240m Riso printed
Edition of 50

Riso printed by Autobahn Brussels
On 110gr Cyclus paper

Speech Choke

Helena Grande


Speech Choke is a collection of flash fiction written by Helena Grande. It includes letters to imaginary lovers, speculations, absurd official events, digital ghosts, social fears, anxiety, theatrical interludes, and odes to kissing. Speech Choke expresses a feeling of categorical displacement, a state of being unable to communicate verbally and reach the outside world. Speech Choke is an experiment in the interplay between desire and the failed attempts to fulfil it.

Edited by Henar Perales
Proofread by Josie Cousens and Thom Driver
Designed by Ronja Andersen
Printed and bound by Tallinn Book Printers

Format Paperback | 80 pages
Dimensions 125 x 190 mm
Publication date March 2020
Publisher Hocus Bogus Publishing
Language English
ISBN 978-9090328522
Produced with the support of Amsterdam Funds for the Arts (AFK)

Photos by Denis Shelby


Dennis Muñoz Espadiña

25 Euro

The title of this publication stems from its vacuum-packed contents.

It contains 12 printed cards on which images and symbols are printed on one side, while on the other it features a flash fiction story. By finding the right order of the cards it’s possible to read the story. The tale tells the story of a modern-day protagonist with the name of Sisyphus, and how he falls in and out of love with a Dutch milkmaid. Secondly, there is a piece of cheese inside of it. The cheese was part of a 12kg cheese wheel, brought by the artist from the Netherlands to Greece in order to reinterpret The Myth of Sisyphus in a modern context. After the cheese wheel had been pushed through Athens, it was cut in 24 parts and vacuum-sealed together with the printed story.

The project is both an investigation into how fiction and reality are constantly swallowing and consuming each other, and how suffering and pain gives rise to enjoyment and happiness.

2019, 12 card circa 150x100x40mm
Riso printed metallic gold on black heavy stock paper.
Slice of old Gouda cheese, vacuum sealed.
Edition of 24
Printed at Dolce Publishing Athens.
keep refrigerated!!!
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