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Under The Rainbow - Over The Weather
Open Call Summer 2020

4000 a.d.
When science and art are entirely
melted together to something new
When the people will have lost their
remembrance and thus will have
no past, only future.
When they will have to discover everything
every moment again and again
When they will have lost their need for
contact with others …
Then they will live in a world of only
colour, light, space, time, sounds and movement
Then colour light space time
sounds and movement will be free
No music
No theatre
No art
There will be sound

Stanley Brouwn - A Short Manifesto, 1964

Sparked by the current developments regarding airborne diseases and global warming; an ever
increasing hyperconnected exploitative capitalism, and the continuous struggle for freedom and
equal rights by non-white/non-Western people, the future has never looked so cloudy for humankind.
Stewart Brand’s counter culture project, ultimately wanting to bring forth human awareness
and evoking a sense of shared destiny, has turned out different than expected. The catalog’s cover
image of the virgin whole earth is no more; thousands of satellites and space debris are swarming
around the globe. Though we’re the most connected people this earth has ever seen, we feel lost
and estranged from ourselves and our surroundings. Technology hasn’t solved any world problem
(racism, wars, global warming, famine) but has instead been turned into a proxy for tech companies
to further exploit its users and employees, creating a false sense of “connectedness” and
“freedom”. While centuries of colonial history are being regurgitated and brought onto trial, modern
day neo-colonial strategies are slowly being perfected. Our hunger for products/entertainment is
not only hurting our fellow human beings, but it's depleting the very earth and air we all share.
Meanwhile a 49 year old South African entrepreneur has created multi-million dollar companies
which focus on the development of brain-computer interfaces and space exploration. Musk’s
explorations into and out of the human body are seen by tech enthusiasts as quasi messiatic,
garnering him a strong following of (mostly) white western males supporting his cause for saving
the human race. Though, will his efforts be able to bring us closer to an utopian paradise, or will
his technological ideas give rise to a futuristic extraterrestrial segregation and a despotic regime of
technological enslavement?

UTROTW will be an one-shot speculative fiction magazine taking inspiration from The Whole Earth
Catalog by Stewart Brand; Stanley Brouwn’s 4000AD manifesto, and the silicon valley entrepreneur
Elon Musk. The publication aims to explore how (extra) planetary life will look; feel; smell like
in the year 4000AD. Its aim is to give a non-realistic, non-conforming projection of our non-future.
Hocus Bogus Publishing invites writers, visual artists, pseudo scientists and doomsday thinkers to
create and construct scenario’s, stories and possibilities surrounding this theme.

Technical information

- max words: 5000 (no minimum)
- .doc or .docx files only
- Although English will be the lingua franca of the publication, feel free to use whatever language
you feel most comfortable in. Due to a limited budget it's not possible to have texts translated.


- 300 DPI or higher
- formats: .jpg/.png/.tif
- max 2 images

Contact information
-website (if available)
-short statement or bio (max 150 words)

contributions can be sent to
DEADLINE 01-10-2020!!!

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