Heb Lief

Lekker bezig crew

15 Euro

Scheltopusik Series ism Hocus Bogus Publishing presenteert vol trots en liefde: ‘Heb Lief, nieuwe encyclopedie van de liefde en van het genieten’ door Rowan van As, Vincent Bijleveld, Thijs Franssen, Frank Koolen en Mike Moonen aka de Lekker Bezig Crew. 60 pagina’s vol deskundig advies en beeldende inspiratie op het gebied van de liefde en het genieten.

Perfect bound
Edition of 100 copies
60 pages A4

Glossy xerox print

Bitch Knows Best

Maia Matches

20 Euro

BITCH ascended from the gutter in 2016, gracing us with her presence on earth to bring justice to this gawd awful planet.
Her pornographic tales of woe can be found in the compilation BITCH KNOWS BEST, Collected Garbage 2016-2018 which includes captivating stories such as 'Gimme Your Genitals' (featuring the legendary Hard Ton) and 'Clots from the Cunthole' (which chronicles the #metoo movement).

New edition of 100 copies
Risograph printed at AGALAB, Amsterdam
Cover and binding at KNUST, Nijmegen
18 pages 200x280mm

Night Soil


10 Euros

Night Soil is a poetry pamphlet by Helena Grande. It includes nine poems about eviction, nightmares and body experiences of isolation.
Night Soil is an old euphemism for poop. A term that refers to how excrements were collected at night before the sewage system was created. At night, when everybody was sleeping, cleaners collected and transported human waste to hidden places. People woke up to a tidy city, except cleaners who were relegated to stay away from society because they were all night in touch with the collective dirt.

This pamphlet is dedicated to everyone who has ever cleaned other people's shit.

Published on the occasion of Helena's residency at Goleb in 2020. Designed by Ronja Andersen and printed at AGA LAB, Amsterdam.23 pages / dimensions 19 x 7 cm.

Photos by Marloes Lakerveld

Departure and Worry

Uwe Lewitzky

7 Euro


20 pages A5 xerox

(Un)limited Edition


25 Euro

What is a limit? What is your perception of limits? Are limits limitless? Is the unlimited a limit? Can you limit limits? Can you limit the unlimited by (un)limiting the limited? Are limits culturally construed or ‘facts’? What is a fact other than perception? Can we even talk of limits, at the point where facts and fiction melt into each other? Where do facts end and where does fiction begin? Can words have a fixed meaning? What does our understanding of words depend upon?

This publication explores the different meanings of ‘Limits’ through the use of theory & fiction both in written and visual form. The book was the result of a two month long Honours Programme course @ The Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Produced by the students of HP3
Guest edited by Hocus Bogus Publishing
Tutors: Sami Hammana, Sonja de Jager and Martina Raponi

For more information visit the website.

Unbound (rubber bands) 

4 Booklets,  208 Pages A5 total Full Color laserprinted Comes with see through wrapper and index card

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