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These ruins are still inhabited
2024 -145x132mm
Duo color RISO ,EOS 120 gram
24 pages, thread sewn
Edition 40

Photographic essay depicting fonts and architecture used on the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris, France.
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2023 - 175x245mm
Monocolor RISO,EOS 120 gram
40 pages, saddle stitch
Edition of 100

During a micro-residency in Rotterdam (NL) Manuel Boden produced 36 xeroxed sheets in a completely analogue process, exclusively using materials that he found on site. A slightly downscaled reproduction of these paperworks form the content of this publication.
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Leaves, dirt and debris
2023 - 198x274mm
Monocolor RISO,EOS 120 and Greentop 250
32 pages+flyer, Loop stitched
Edition of 50

Adventures in analogue and digital collage making by Dennis Muñoz Espadiña and Cóilín O’Connell. Packaged with flyer and laser cut leaf.
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Sticker Bricks
2023 - various dimensions
Xeroxed, A4 sticker sheets, 100gr copy paper
Various pages, collected in brown envelope
Edition of 40

Visual essay concerning the Amsterdam School, an architecture style using red bricks as their main material. Images of the building printed on red sticker sheets, mimicking the use of bricks as building blocks. Facsimile xerox copy of an edition of  Wendingen from 1930. Wendingen was a monthly publication aimed at architects and interior designers.
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(New) Crosses
2015-2023 -148x210mm
Duocolor RISO and XEROX, EOS 90 gram  and Crush Citrus 250 gram
12 pages, 3 hole pamphlet stitch
Edition of 20

Visual essay juxtaposition Mannerist paintings of Christ with a poem by Charles Bukowski. The last copies got added a xeroxed christian pamphlet and song lyrics.
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