In 2021 Hocus Bogus Publishing bought a Risograph RZ 1070E digital duplication machine. We now offer printing on A3+ sized  paper (430x320mm) on uncoated papers ranging from 90 to 250 grams. Soon more machines followed, and in 2022 we moved the studio from our livingroom to Roodkapje Rotterdam, a contemporary art/music space which embraces cross overs and experimental practises.

Currently we can provide these print colours:

Other equipment:
- Olivetti Copia 1600,  A3 Xerox machine
- Ideal 4705 guilotine paper cutting table
- Nagel Foldnak M2, paper folding and stapling machine
- RM Supu PC360, plastic coil binding machine
- Ideal booklet stapler
- Flatbed scanner A4
- Sewing machine

*If you’re interested how RISO printing works check out this video in which the basics of this process are explained. Feel free to get in contact with us if you would wish to have something printed. We also offer pre-press production assistance and design.

Please keep in mind that we’re a small press operating with limited funding; hardcover publications, editions above 250 and formats bigger than A3 are not possible!

You can order publications on this site by using the contact form on the top of this page ︎ Please sent your desired purchases and postal address ︎ Shipping and payment details will be sent to you !︎