Smudged Lines

Hocus Bogus Publishing

22 Euro

12 wonderful months of RISO printed extravaganza celebrating and combining fantasic makeup looks, crossdressing and genderbending into one smudgy calendar!

Every month features an artist/performer/idea/look/story/movie/shoe/humanbeing that made me look/listen/laugh/smile/wonder/sniff/gasp/question/think/explore about my gender, this world we all co-inhabit, and the life we journey through. I thought it would be nice to share some of these moments with others.

All proceeds of this calendar will be going to TRANSVISIE, a Dutch organisation which helps, supports and informs people about gender identity. Transvisie's goal is to promote the well being of people with questions surrounding their gender identity and contribute to strengthening their position in society. More info on:

Stapled with brass fastener and hole to hang calendar
Edition of 40 
26 pages A4

1-3 color RISO printed on 100gr Biotop paper. Cover 250gr Biotop

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