Under the Rainbow - Over the Weather

Various contributors

20 Euro

Speculative fiction magazine with contributions by 16 international (comic)artists/writers/designers/curators/witches. Exploring the world in the 4th millennium through images, words and dreamscapes. 

Plastic coil bound with plastic covers
Transparent cover with “A Short Manifesto” by
Dutch conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn.

48 fold out pages, 185x262mm (foldes out to 185x365)
Riso printed on 100gr Munken Lynx by Hocus Bogus Publishing
Edition of 150

Cover design by Finn Melvin Caird
Design, layout and proofread by Yahaira Brito Morfe
Edited, printed and bound by Dennis Muñoz Espadiña
Language: English

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